The Pardoner's Tale

The Unicorn

Based on The Pardoner’s Tale by Geoffrey Chaucer this was a production that revelled in letting the audience in on the tricks and illusions of theatre.

Through simple storytelling ‘The Pardoner’ (Gary Lagden) conjured a world in front of the audiences’ eyes. Rain and snow fell at the click of a finger. The musicians (Hannah Marshall and Chris Preece) underscored the performance utilizing Foley sound effects created from everyday objects hung and arranged on the simple set. The audience was let into the mechanics of theatre - watching how the lights were manipulated to create shadow puppet sequences and the scenery rolled and repositioned around the space to create different landscapes.

The production centered on the collaboration of the audience to “Make Believe”.

  • Adapted, directed and composed by: Lewis Gibson
  • Lighting Designer : Ben Pacey
  • Actor : Gary Lagden
  • Musicians : Hannah Marshall & Christopher Preece
  • Producer: David Johnston
  • Photographer : Manuel Harlan
  • A Unicorn / Tangere co-production:
  • Venues: The Unicorn, The Egg, Manchester Royal Exchange
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