Story Trail

Creative Partnerships

A Creative Partnerships Project at Bishop Castle's Primary School in Shropshire.

With Year 5, I created a story trail around the school. A 3D map was created for participants to follow - meeting different insects around the school before ariving at the ladybird's house for tea. The children made all the models - playing with scale was a large component of the exercise. There were over - sized creatures such as the dragonfly, bee and caterpillar. Mini beasts included a tiny spider web, a class room in a specimen box and the ladybird's front room. The interactive trail was part of an afternoon festival for friends and families where classes working with different artists also shared their outcomes.

Other Creative Partnership work I have been involved with have included designing a new library with pupils at New Holland School Lincolnshire, being part of Punchdrunk Enrichment Space Invaders Team and multiple visual and digital arts workshops with pupils at St Matthias, Brick Lane London.





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